Today when flying to Leipzig for 34c3 I once again got a chance to eye diddle cuties at the airport. Before the first flight I noticed that there are a lot more children at the airport than usual, they must be returning from their Christmas visits at grandparents and such.

At my gate there were three very adorable little girls. First I saw two sisters who were both wearing a sparkling white tutu and a white shirt with a snowflake on it. The older one of the girls was around four and the shirt was a bit short so I saw her smooth belly a few times. The younger girl was around three. They had lots of fun running around and playing.

The third girl arrived a bit later. She was about the same age as the younger one of the sisters and she was wearing a very long flannel shirt. When passing the sisters she said "Hi" to the younger one. The younger sister got a bit scared and hid behind her mom's leg. The girls kept eyeing each other from a small distance. After a small while of just looking at each other, smiling and making faces the third girl decided to go back and try to talk to the younger sister. Unfortunately they didn't have almost any time to play before the boarding started.

In the plane I saw loads more of little girls but none I could stare at without looking very suspicious. There was a little baby girl on the row in front of me however so I made some faces for her and made her laugh a couple of times.

During the first landing there was a playground right next to my gate so I picked my seat so that I face it directly. At first there were no children playing but a bit later a whole bunch came. Even the little snow queens from my flight came there to play. I got to observe the sisters for around three and half hours before they had to leave with their parents. There were so many other little girls coming and going that I couldn't bother documenting them all, I mostly paid attention to the sisters anyways.

When I selected my place to sit I made sure to face the little indoors playground next to my gate. The playground had this rather big miniature plane for the kids to play in and the seat I chose had a direct view into it through a window at the back. This wasn't intentional but I'm still rather happy about it.