I know I haven't written a blog post about the girls in a while, that's because there hasn't been anything that noteworthy happening with them. Most of the time when I've seen them they've been with the scary mom. There was one instance where I saw them at the store and we talked a bit but that's about it for the past month.

Today when biking home after work I see two of the girls again with the scary mom. I decide to take a slightly different route since I don't really want to face that mom yet. Later when I decide to visit the store I hear a yell from the direction of their houses and I see one of the girls briefly. I don't stop and just go to the store instead.

Some time later I decide to go for a walk and drink a few beers since it's finally at least somewhat good weather. At around halfway to the nearby school I see a group of three pople biking towards me. It's two of the girls, Roosa and Emilia with a third person who I don't recognize. The girls recognize me and Emilia jumps off the bike and runs to me. She gives me a few light punches and calls me dumb. I tell her that I'm not stupid and keep walking. After she goes back to the others I hear Roosa tell her "Stupid, he could have done something to you!" I just keep walking and thinking to myself how stupid that is.

When I am almost at the end of the road Roosa and another person drive past me and stop. The third person was a man, who I guess is Roosa's dad since she was the one to come along with him. He gets off the bike and I greet him. We introduce ourselves and shake hands. It's quite clear that he is a bit hesitant about confronting me. He asks me "Have you hung around the school yard?" I tell him that I go there to read book since at home there are too many distractions. He seems somewhat satisfied with this answer and asks me "Are you a bad person?" I can't help but make a small chuckle since the way he asked that sounded like it came from a three year old or something. I answer something like "Am I? I don't think I am."

He seems a bit relieved and tells me that the girls have been scared by some "bad looking man" who hangs around the school and that he was also worried a bit because some of them go to school there. I resist the urge telling him that they didn't used to be a single bit scared of me and came to play with me until some parent made some bullshit up about me. He seems somewhat convinced that I'm not any kind of a "bad person" and the conversation dies down. After a bit of silence we tell each other "Have a nice evening." and go on our ways.

It was the second dad of the parents that I've now met and both of them were very tense at first and relaxed over time. I'm glad it was a dad though, they seem to be a lot more objective when it comes to these things. I can't imagine what it would be like to be confronted by one of the moms.