Today marks one year since I stopped using child pornography. While many would say it's stupid to admit to a crime where the statute of limitations hasn't been met yet I feel like it's a noteworthy enough achievement that I don't want to keep it to myself. Multiple times during this year I've celebrated milestones and every time there have been some people who hated me for having ever even used it but most of the time the responses are positive.

I was planning on doing a Reddit AMA or something like that but I couldn't find any suitable place so instead if there are any people who are reading this and have questions about absolutely anything feel free to just email them to me and I'll make some sort of QA page.

Overall I think it was a good choice to stop using child pornography. It was very difficult for about a month. The second month was a bit easier but not by much. By the third month I had mostly gotten used to it but there were still some tougher days. From fourth through twelth month it was mostly okay apart from a few instances.

One clear change I've noticed is that I'm even more sensitive to the precense of little girls. The biggest reason why I wouldn't want to go back to watching child pornography is that I wouldn't want to lose this sensitivity as it allows me to enjoy them so much more than I have before.