Week 2017-08-21

This week I only saw the girls a few times up close. I did see and hear them play outside though. Sometimes I sleep with the door open if I'm taking a nap so I get to wake up to sounds of little girls playing. It's very pleasant.


Today when visiting the store Roosa and Emilia were there. Immediately when they see me enter they run to me and start telling me how they hate me. The feeling is quite bittersweet, I don't want them to hate me but I still want to be close to them even if they do. While I'm walking to the bottle recycling machine Roosa kicks me very gently on my butt. The gentle kicks feel a bit ticklish and arousing. She does this around five times.

Another thing to note is that this very small store is for some reason packed with kids. There are at least six little girls pushing their little shopping carts around and six more without carts. This is very unusual but also very refreshing. One of girl, around two years old, is just pushing her cart without paying any attention to her surroundings and I have to dodge her a couple of times. Other two sisters, around four years old, are racing with their little carts and I have to dodge them as well.


Again today when I enter the store some of the girls are there. This time it's Emilia, Maria and Liisa. Emilia tells the others to go ahead outside and then she starts to "spy" on me. I don't really know if she meant it to be so obvious but it was fun regardless. I get through the checkout before her and head outside where the other two decide to block me. They've bought lollipops and Emilia had gone back inside to get one for Roosa as well, though this was quite obvious excuse to just follow me.

Maria and Liisa hold me until Emilia comes outside calling me an "escapee". After that we start walking home. They tell me that one of their grandma wants a picture of me, I tell them I don't have one. They tell me to come with them so she can take one of me, I tell them that I'm not going to do that. While we walk they again tell me how they hate me and that it's my fault that they don't get to go to the school yard. While they talk about that I help them open their lollipop wrappers since they're having problems with that. I know opening the lollipop wrappers isn't a big thing but regardless it felt really good to help them even a little bit.