Today while walking to the reading spot I see Roosa and Emilia out rollerblading. They notice me as well and they skate to me. We start talking and we still move slowly towards the reading spot. After getting there just as I'm about to start reading Roosa notices a chocolate slate in my bag. She comes on the steps I'm sitting on and I'm quite scared of her falling so I try to instruct her to have her skates sideways so she can't just roll off them and tell her to come sit. I held her hand for a bit so she could have more balance, it was really soft and small. I let her take some of the chocolate and Emilia comes to get some as well. She almost falls of a few times and I grab her hand to stop that from happening. She keeps skating at the top of the steps. After a while Liisa comes appears out of nowhere and demands for chocolate as well. We keep talking for a while and then the girls notice some old lady and go talk to her. I think it was Roosa's grandma but I'm not quite sure. After this Both Roosa and Emilia leave and Liisa stays there with me.

Almost immediately after this group of two middle-eastern men and three children (boys) come and they start playing some game where people try to get to this ball and the other people try to catch them. Liisa asks me to ask them if she could join. They're happy to have her join so they tell me the rules and I translate them into Finnish for Liisa. After Liisa joining the game the teams become too imbalanced so I join in as well. Playing with them is quite fun. Liisa falls at some point and the old bruise on her knee opens up so I pour water from my bottle to clean it. After this she is ready to continue playing. I did have a good view of her panties before she got up. We continue to play for quite some time and eventually the middle-easterns leave. A little after Hanna comes and Liisa goes biking with her and I finally get to start reading my book.

I'm a bit concerned about the kids' parents because I know for sure that Liisa will tell her parents that I gave her chocolate. She already yelled that she got some in front of the grandma.