Week 2017-07-02

This week there wasn't any single big happening but a lot of small ones so i decided to compile them into one bigger blog entry. I hope you enjoy it and if the feedback is positive I might move to this format for all future blogs that don't concern something really special. This also gives me a chance to write out about something other than just the events here at the top if I feel like it. If you have some ideas about how I should "tag" posts with the different girls then feel free to shoot me an email.


After work I go read book at the school. Along the way the second girl from 2017-06-13, let's call her Liisa, sees me and runs to me. She hugs my leg and tells me not to go anywhere. We talk for a bit and she decides she wants to take me to her and her friends' little base in the middle of some trees. She presents me their long sticks very proudly. She tries to start hitting me with one of the sticks and I tell her that I'll leave if she does. She doesn't stop so I leave and she is quite visibly upset, later in the evening when going back home I see that she even left the stick next to the road so I take it back to their base.

When I'm reading the book I suddenly see some movement in my peripheral vision. I turn my head and I see Maria trying to spy on me. I turn back to my book and she starts sneaking behind me, I don't think she knows how to be quiet. She uses a small stick to play with my hair and because I don't react she takes my water bottle. I tell her it's just water and she pours some on the ground. We talk for a while and then she has to go back home.


This day on my way to my reading spot along the way I pass two of the girls. First girl is the only one with really dark hair, let's call her Emilia. The other girl I've observed from my balcony a lot and I've had sort of a secret crush on her for a while, let's call her Roosa from now on. While I'm passing them they growl at me and after a few more meters they start yelling to me that I'm dumb.

After reading for a bit I see Maria, Liisa and a third girl walking a dog. The third girl has a bit darker blonde hair and she is a lot more shy than the other girls, we'll call her Hanna. It might also be that she is a bit scared of me, I hope this isn't the case. They notice me as well and immediately start walking towards me.

When the girls are behind a bike shed Liisa and Maria start fighting about who gets to walk the dog. Hanna was starting to get really frustrated about the others fighting and she almost fell on the dog in the process which made her even more upset. I decide to go to them to stop the fighting and when they notice that I'm standing next to them they stop almost immediately.

After a while of chatter they leave with the dog and I start walking back to my spot. After only a few meters Liisa tries to get the dog from Maria and they start running. Maria is a year older and thus faster and Liisa can't catch her. I hear Liisa crying and I'm just about to go to her when she gets up and starts chasing Maria again so I just go back to reading my book instead.


I notice that I have this big rubber band from work in my bag. Since I don't really need it, nor does my workplace I decide to give it to the girls in case I run into them when going to read. Sure enough I run into Emilia on the way there. She is just about to go back inside since she isn't wearing much clothes and it's about to start raining. I show her the rubber band and we shoot it to each other for a while and in the end I give it to her. She seemed really happy that I did.


I wake up from my nap. I had some dreams with little girls but I can't remember them anymore. The dreams might have been caused by the very loud sounds of playing coming from outside. Some of the girls are playing in an inflatable pool on one of the girl's backyard and I had slept my balcony door open. What a great way to wake up.