Today around half-past eight I go outside to read a book, as I often do. When the sun is still up I like to go to the nearest school since it has a spot that blocks the sun and wind nicely. Later in the evening I prefer spots at two other nearby schools. Just as I arrive to my reading spot the first of the girls that I played with, let's call her Maria, saw me and came to see what I was doing. I tell her that I came to read a book.

Maria isn't too pleased with me just wanting to read a book so she tries to hit me with a long stick she is carrying. I catch the stick with my hand and tell her that if she hits me I'll put it on top of a low roof above us. From this on she keeps trying to sneak to me and hit me to get me to chase her. I let her deliberately get away. At one point she also wants to try my bike, she doesn't have any helmet and can't reach the pedals so I tell her that she can't. She doesn't really care about that though and starts climbing on it. I warn her that she'll get hurt and sure enough she falls right after. She isn't hurt and tries to get my bike standing again but fails and I tell her she can leave it there.

After that we resume the previous chasing game. During this we also talk about random things such as school. She goes on the first grade in fall. I asked her if she is excited or scared but she didn't really seem to really care either way. After continuing it for some time she realizes it's getting late and she should be home. After she has left I finally start reading my book.