I had been reading a book and eating strawberries at the yard of a nearby school. I was going back home because the wind was really strong and I started to feel cold. When walking back home I meet the older friend-girl from the 14th and one of the girls that I played with on the 17th. The first girl I mentioned is carrying either an umbrella or a sunshade and the other one is carrying an American football. The girl with the umbrella tries to hit me with it and I keep blocking it. This becomes a game of sorts. Even when she manages to hit me at times it doesn't really feel like anything. The other girl laughs and we throw the football a bit. Then we hear the sound of an ambulance and the girls run off to the end of the street to see it. After the ambulance passes I'm already almost home so I yell "bye" to them and wave, they wave back at me.