Today when going to the store I see the younger one of the girls I had played with. She tries to stop me from going there but she isn't allowed to come past some limit and has to give up. At the store I notice that I forgot my money home so I have to walk back, she has taken off the band aids I had put on her legs and one of the cuts looks like it's bleeding so I tell her to come in so I can put another one on it. After cleaning the cut I notice that it doesn't really need a band aid as it has already stagnated and I decide to not put one on it. After this I have to carry her out of my apartment as she tries to resist it.

Some time later since neither of the girls has come ask me out I decide to go to the nearby school to read a book. There are people at the spot where I wanted to read the book so I start looking for an alternative. I see the girl from earlier playing with her friends so I go sit on a swing from where I can see them. After some time she notices me sitting there and starts coming towards me. The others seem a bit more reluctant but eventually they come as well.

This time there are five girls and a boy. There were the two girl I had played with before, one girl who looked a bit younger than the others and her big brother and two girls who I have seen playing on the yard before. After we've swung for a bit we start playing tag. For some time there were three or four of "it" because they couldn't catch me. After this we play tag normally for some time and it's a lot of fun. Then dad of the siblings comes and tells them that it's late and they should get home. He doesn't say anything to me. The kids start to argue with him so that they can stay out for a bit longer but then they see the dad of another girl walk towards us from the other direction. He doesn't get close since he sees the girls coming towards him already. The first one at least saw us playing tag so I'm not too worried about what he thought but the other one kind of worries me. It might have been the same dad who came to my door earlier but I couldn't see his face from that far.