So as expected today only a short while after I got back from work the second girl from yesterday comes to my door and asks me to come outside to play. I told her I'll come in a bit, and let her in. I gave her a cookie like thing and as expected she starts running around and making a mess, so I catch her and tickle her a bit so I can carry her outside to wait for me. I noticed some black ink blobs all over her face and asked where she got them, she answered "kindergarten". After this I asked her age, she answered five. I asked the first girl's age as well, according to her it was six. I knew she had lied but I thought that it might have just been by two or three years. I find it silly that she had wanted to lie about her age to me.

So eventually I go outside with her and we play some hide and seek. She was on her bike so I tried convincing her to put her helmet on, I was quite worried of her hurting herself. She eventually puts it on when I tell her that I won't catch her if she doesn't. After some time of playing hide and seek and me catching her she asks me to take my bike too so I get my helmet, since she wanted me to wear one as well. Then we have some bike races and it kind of evolves into tag but on bikes and eventually into just tag with her on bike and me catching on foot, though it's not quite tag since it was just me catching her all the time. She hurt herself in some way almost every time she started to get off her bike. At one point she also had to pee, before I have time to tell her that she can go to my home to toilet she has already decided she'll pee on the grass. She starts to pull her pants down and I turn to face the opposite direction out of courtesy. After peeing she yells something along the lines.

Ha ha, you didn't get to see my butt!

Eventually I have to go in to do other things and as expected she isn't too happy about this so she keeps ringing my doorbell. The ringing pauses for some time and then it resumes again. I go see if she is ok and to ask her to stop. She shows me her knee and leg bleeding, she had crashed to something on her bike. I clean the little cuts and put band aids on them and she goes back outside. Then a short while after she comes back again with cut on her other leg. Again I clean it and put a band aid on it and send her on her way.

Short while after she leaves I hear just one ring from the door. It was her dad, she was also on the side. The dad told me that she talked about "some man" so he wanted to come check me. I told him in short that I played tag with her and her friends yesterday and a bit today and I just patched her up. Then I told the girl that she can come ask me outside but she shouldn't keep smashing my doorbell if I do not open. After this they leave and I close the door. I get kind of anxious about not getting to play with her anymore but this anxiety was lifted when she later comes to my door. She only rung once, didn't barge into my home and left on her own when I told her that I really couldn't come out to play right now. I'm quite sure this means that her dad had talked to her about it and that he didn't prohibit her from playing with me.