Today was a fantastic day. When I came from work I saw that the terrace that the restaurant in my building was building had been finished. At the terrace were a little girl and a boy, I think they were siblings. So I walk past them to the store, they look at me and I look at them. I come back and we look at each other again. After taking my groceries inside, I go outside again for another quick errand that I have to do so I walk past them for the third time.

When coming back the girl tries to block my path so I lift her from under her arms, turn around and put her down and we laugh a bit. Then she blocks me again and asks me if I want to play tag. I, of course, answer yes. So we start playing tag around the terrace and it's a lot of fun, though quite exhausting since they are targeting me almost all the time. At one point an another little girl comes to the terrace and joins us and we continue playing tag. I ask the girl her name and age, which was 10.

After playing for quite some time and I'm getting really tired so I tell them that I have things to do, which isn't a total lie, I did want to prepare lunch for tomorrow. It was also starting to rain and I didn't really want to get sick. So I go inside, the boy had already left at some point before but I didn't notice.

When I get to the door they try to prevent me from being able to open my door, which of course they weren't able to. But they did manage to get past me inside. Telling them to leave wasn't effective and they were demanding candy but since I have none I just gave them a couple cookies each thinking that would satisfy them, boy how wrong I was. It took quite a long time but I managed to carry them both outside. After closing door, they kept ringing the doorbell and knocking for a long time.

Some time later one of them came back asking if she could have another cookie, thinking I could handle just one I let her come in and gave her something sweet. Getting her out was only slightly easier than getting both of them out. The reason I didn't want them to come hang out at my place is that it's not very clean since I had some relatives over during the weekend. I told them that they can come ask me to play outside again sometime so hopefully I'll get to play with them again.

It was really enjoyable to play tag with them. I really loved chasing them and hearing them laugh. Like all kids, they also kept inventing rules when they got caught so they wouldn't have to be 'it'.