Today I went to movies again and like last time, the preshow that I got from all the little girls was better than the movie itself. Before going to the cinema portion of the mall I went to the store and sat on a bench looking at cute children for a while. I also saw two really hot ones drinking something at a Starbucks. One of them had a broken legs and had to use crutches. Also one girl who walked past me really knew how to move her butt while she was walking. That was really hot.

At the cinema I sat on a bench and almost immediately these three little children arrived. They were around 6 or 7 so they're probably going on the first grade next fall. Right in front of where I was sitting was this giant screen with a crappy webcam and it had a promotional thing running on it where it would get people to wave to it. The girls really liked making silly poses in front of it. I told about them on IRC and someone asked me to take pictures. I'm not quite daring enough to do that when their parents can see me but then I noticed that the promotional thing showed an URL for where to get the pictures that it took. So I got three pictures of the girls by copying the URL from it. I knew that I'd missed many pictures and the id's that the pictures had were really short (4 characters alphanumeric, only lower case) I decided to just wget all of them. By doing this I got five more pictures of the girls and a lot more of other little girls who had also posed in front of this and some other similar screens.

The girls were having so much fun with the screen and each other. They laughed and hugged each other a lot. One shook her butt at it as well and all of the parents and me started laughing when she did that. It makes me feel really good to see little girls be this happy.