I went to the movies right after work. The movie I went to see was Ghost in the Shell, it wasn't the best movie but the girls I saw before it made it well worth the money. I was there quite a bit early since I didn't know any better place to hang out.

When I walked in the cinema section I saw two young girls, at first I judged them to be 9 and 11 but later when I walked past them to the toilets I saw that they were about the same age, probably 10 or 11. The girls were doing cartwheels and other gymnastics stuff there for quite some time. Every now and then I saw the blonde one's belly when she was at the top of the cartwheel and it was quite arousing. Every now and then they also came a lot closer to me to do that stuff and smiled at me. Then quite a bit later they started humping air while looking at me and then running behind a thing to giggle. I'm quite sure that they knew what it meant and I'm also a bit sad that I didn't have the balls to approach them.

Then at some point this group of five little girls came in, they were celebrating one's birthday. More of them arrived in quite constant stream, totaling at around 12 or so. The girls had a lot of energy and they really loved to run. They ran past me dozens and dozens of times in the span of around 45 minutes. Voices of their laughter is music to my ears.

Sorry I wrote this a month late, that's because right after the movie I went to a party so didn't have the time to do it then. What matters is that I did write it now.