This time there were a lot of little girls in the swimming hall. I saw around ten children naked and and plenty more in swimsuits or clothed.

When I walked in right after the door was a very little girl who was just getting dressed, she was in her undies. That aisle was really crowded which would have made it difficult to look observe her without being too suspicious so I decided on another place. Where I undressed I could see this cute girl who was around four. She was wearing a yellow dress and she started spinning after taking off her panties.

In the showers I positioned myself so that I could look at her. Little girls have such beautiful bodies, most of them are in really good shape and their skin looks so smooth. I got to see her body from every side. Above her round butt in the middle was a birthmark. Her vulva wasn't too big. She was also wearing very cute purple Crocs.

When resisting the boner started getting too difficult I escaped to the sauna. After sitting in the hotter one for a while I decided to go to the milder one which often has children in it as well. I walked in to the other sauna but the girl from earlier was just leaving it. I sat there for a while a dad with three boys and a girl comes in, she was on the chubbier side but her face was still pretty. I sat there until they left.

After swimming when I entered the shower area I saw a glimpse of a girl. All of the showers that would have had the best view on her were taken so I had to choose one where a quite large man was between us. Trying to peek at her from behind him was really awkward but eventually he left and I had completely unobstructed view. She was washing herself for a very long time and I couldn't see her anywhere. She had really nice dark hair and her skin was somewhat tanned so she had probably been on some trip recently. She was clearly older than the one with a birthmark from earlier, at least five possibly even six. We were both looking at each other and suddenly I heard her dad say something to her, he had taken the shower behind her. I decided to quickly finish washing myself and went to the sauna.

The sauna was pretty full but there was an empty spot right next to the girl with a birthmark. I sat slightly behind her in a lotus position so her dad couldn't see me staring at her. Her dad poured some water on her from her small frozen bottle couple of times and the cold made her giggle. She also really enjoyed biting the head of the bottle. She also told him about the things she had done in the swimming school and about her logic of why people aren't able to breath under water, which is because fish cannot breath out of it of course. I left slightly after her and her dad and again I showered a bit and looked at her but from slightly further away this time. I also saw her a couple more times when we were getting dressed.

I also saw a few other girls, mostly through the sauna's glass door or walking past me naked in the dressing area. There was one dad that had been smart and rolled his little girl in a towel.