This time I was at a lot smaller airport so there weren't that many little girls there. Most of the time I spent staring at this eight or nine year old girl. She had really smooth shortish hair. She was dressed very fashionably and also wore sunglasses for most of the time. She also had very beautiful smile and it was really enjoyable to look at her talking to her family and smile. I think it would be really nice to take a girl like her shopping and see her try on all kinds of clothes.

When walking home from the train-station a couple with a very small girl in a pram. I picked up my pace so I could walk just behind them. I waved at the girl and she got really excited and started wiggling around trying to wave back. It was a bit hard for her since she was wearing so much clothes. As we walked she kept trying to wave at me and I kept waving and smiling at her. It made walking a lot less boring and we kept doing it until our ways parted.