Before going to the airport I ate at the mall. Saw some little cuties. The most memorable one was this very small little girl, likely not even two years old. Her eyes were very wet, likely from crying just before I saw her but all was well because her dad was carrying her on his shoulders. A bit later I saw her running and having fun and her mother coming to catch her.

At the airport there weren't as many girls as I had hoped but there were still a fair amount and it was still enjoyable. In the stairs there were couple of girls who were five or six years old with top tier butts. I also saw a couple of very small girls with their hairs in a tuft on top of their head and other random girls. One of the tuft girls was on a leash and it was funny when she walked very randomly and her dad followed her.

There was one more special thing that happened. There was this mom walking with two girls, one either eight or nine and the other either ten or eleven. The mother sat next to me and since I had another empty seat on the other side of me I decided to give mine to them. I moved over to the other seat and said to them "here is another seat for you", since families usually like to sit together. I was hoping that one of the girls would sit next to me but they both wanted to stand so the younger one just put her stuff on it. She stood right in front of me up until the plane started boarding so I got to check her fantastic and very round butt for around 40 minutes. She also had very long hair that reached her waist and she was really fit. Worth it even if she didn't sit down, might even be better this way. I slept most of the flight but after landing I noticed that the girls were sitting right behind me the whole flight.