After work I went to the mall. I wandered around, looking for something I could get my mom. I didn't find anything but it was still worth it spending all that time there because of all the cute little girls I saw.

At first I didn't spot too many cuties, there was on that was wearing a frozen shirt, a blue tutu with some glitter in it and white leggings. She had such a fun time climbing this small construction in the play area. I watched her for quite some time since I decided to go get some cash from the ATM next to the play area, she might have slightly influenced that decision. I really liked her platinum white hair, I think it was really pretty.

Next I went to this big supermarket and wandered around. This group of 4 girls who I think were around 13 were following me around the store for the duration I was in it. Two of them I thought were quite pretty. When I went to taste some juice samples from some old man one of the prettier girls came there as well and really close to me. After the juice tasting she was trying to look at me sneakily so she might have had a small crush on me, or I could just be delusional. Anyways, I hope they'd wish they'd have talked to me.

After the supermarket I went to sit in Starbucks and drank tea. I opened my laptop and started live blogging about all the little girls I saw on IRC. It was really nice and during that 45 minutes I saw a lot of little girls of all ages and it was really great. There was also a woman standing in front of me with three dogs and waiting for something for quite a long time. Some cuties got really excited when they saw the dogs and it was really nice for me to observe.

On my way home I saw some more little girls. There was also children's class going on in the pole dancing school and they were practicing spinning around the pole. Unfortunately they didn't have the blinds fully open so I only saw a bit through the door and not very clearly through the windows.