Once again I went to swim after work. This time the hall was packed. The people in the pools were really slow and there were too many of them so I swam less than usual. But I made up for it by sitting in the sauna waiting for little girls.

The only naked girls I saw were in the shower. This time there were three that were around three years old and one that was around five. Only saw the younger ones from afar but luckily got a really good look at the older one.

The older girl had really nice dark brown hair. She had slightly darker skin but her features were quite Finnish, she was probably half some other ethnicity.

After just entering the shower area I walked past her and her dad which is when she noticed me looking at her. I gave her a smile to which she responded with a very shy smile of her own. We were both looking at each other for some time after this when we walked and stood under the showers. It felt really titillating to have her look at my naked body for such a long time.

After swimming, going to sauna, washing myself I saw her again. Her dad was washing her hair and she really enjoyed it. I really wish I get to wash the hair of someone like her one day. Her dad also washed her body and I stood there watching it for quite some time. I tried to play it cool by just drinking from my drinking bottle. After standing there staring for a suspiciously long time I decided that I'd go to the changing room. I tried to be really slow in case she came there as well and I'd get to see a bit more of her but sadly that didn't happen.