Today's sightings of little girls happened when I was coming back from taking my Norwegian friend to the airport. There were some cuties that I saw briefly on the airport itself and some that I saw in the train heading back home but nothing really noteworthy.

After I had gotten back to my part of the city though I decided to go eat in this Nepalese place, food there is just absolutely fantastic. There was this family who came there to some time before me, they had only gotten their drinks and nothing else when I sat down. Their table was bit forward from mine on the left so I saw behind the parents' backs with an unobstructed view of their daughter.

The daughter was around 9 or 10 years old. Her brunette hair was tied in a small messy bun on top of her head. She had these very hipstery glasses on but they looked really good on her, especially with her quite small nose and lips. I listened to her and her parents talk about random stuff and she seemed to be quite interested in Egyptian history and mythology. And I swear that at once when I turned to her after looking a bit somewhere else to not cause too much suspicion with the staff she was looking at me like she was interested. When I saw that and smiled at her she quickly looked away looking a bit embarrassed. If only she hadn't been there with her parents.