When biking home from the work I always look through the glass door of a pole dancing school that's on the way. I do that since a few months ago I saw some little girls in there dancing, that was early autumn and since there was more natural light they also had the shades open to let it in. I got pretty nice look at them back then. I haven't seen the little girls there too many times after that and when I have it has just been through the shades. But today they had the shades half open and there was a class of little girls there dancing. I biked past it as slow as I could. And after passing it I rushed home, got my swimming bag and rushed back. This time there was far less people around so I jumped off my bike and walked past it really slowly. It distracted me so much that I also walked off the road accidentally.

Now I know the perfect time to leave work on Thursdays if I want to see cute little girls in skintight clothes and bellies showing. I was at the swimming hall about an hour earlier than usual and turns out it's not a very good time to be there. There were almost no little girls since their swim schools hadn't yet started.

Before swimming I only saw two girls. One was brunette and she was wearing this Superman themed hooded-cape towel. The towel was open from the sides but she didn't make any quick moves so I couldn't really see much more then the sides of her legs and arms. She was waiting for someone and I smiled at her. She responded with a smile and it was really nice. I started to undress and when I was almost naked I saw who she had been waiting for. It another girl her age, around four, probably her friend since her hair was really blonde. I watched her friend dry herself from afar, she had really nice body and I wish I could have been closer. When I was naked she was already walking towards me and her friend with her own pink towel cape on. At the showers and sauna there were no little girls at all.

When entering the pool that was standing in the corner stared at me and I stared at her back and smiled. This man, probably her dad, was teaching her and an another girl, probably her sister, to swim. After I had swum I went to this bench to sit and watch them struggle to swim and play. It was really nice but can't do things like that for too long so no one realizes I'm a paedophile. Back in the showers and sauna there were again no girls at all and I was quite disappointed. I decided to take things slow but still none showed up. In the changing room was my last chance to see some cunny so I slowed down even more. This time it paid off and at about half point of getting dressed this cute little girl comes in with her dad and chooses a locker only couple of meters from me. Sadly there is this wall so I can only see her half of the time but it's still something. The girl is really blonde, her hair is almost white and she looks like she is three. Her body looked really soft and nice. The whole time she walked and stood with her heels raised and I thought this was silly. No one was around so I stared at her butt the whole way of her walking to the the shower area and it jiggled very nicely on every step.

When biking back home I saw that the pole dancing class was still going, I counted about eight little girls. This time because they had put the lights on it was much easier to tell how old they looked. I think there might be two classes because some of the girls looked so much younger than others. Overall this day had a nice amount of little girls and I'm glad I went to swim and took my time with dressing up.