Today's interactions weren't anything major but they were still very nice. First at the store I walked around and looked at all the cute little girls being all cute, but that's not why I'm writing this.

When I came from the store I spotted these three little girls. It was hard to tell their ages in the dark but they were at most on second grade. So I saw them being silly and pretending to spy on each other at this narrowish entrance to the yard. I slowed down, and they started staring at me. I jumped off my bike and turned towards the entrance and the girls pretended to be scared of me and ran laughing alongside the wall.

The wall has these small windows where you can look through so when I was locking up my bike they kept staring me through them and every time I looked up I saw them hide behind the window and screaming something silly like "He saw us!" After I had locked my bike and as I started climbing the stairs one of them came from behind the wall, through the entrance and waved at me. I waved back and she said hi to me. I walked to the top where there is no wall so I could see her. She was pretty little girl with brown shoulder length hair.

She said:

It wasn't.. it wasn't me who yelled. It was my friend.

I replied:

It's ok, I don't mind.

Then she ran off to the other side to play with her friends and I went inside to unpack my groceries. I could hear them playing outside so I had to come up with a reason to go there and see them again. I decided to take out my paper trash, was about time I did that anyways, and went out. Sadly the girls weren't there anymore. Maybe I'll see them again some evening.