I went swimming right after work today. There weren't too many people at the swimming hall so in some ways my timing was good and in some ways it was also bad. Good thing about it is that the pools, saunas and the showers are less crowded. Bad about it is the fact that since there are less people there are also less little girls.

Before I swam I saw two little girls in the showers. The younger one was probably around 3 and the older one either 4 or 5. I mostly saw the older one from behind, which was really nice but I also saw her from in front briefly when she was trying to put on her Frozen swimsuit. The younger one was in kind of a bad spot for me to see without looking very suspicious. Her dad had some kind of minions shampoo and she really wanted him to give it to her.

When I swam at one point this girl was standing in one end and I asked her if she wants to go before me and she only said hi to me. Then I realized she was just watching her dad swim and I continued my swimming. Almost lost count because of her. After I had swum I walked around a bit. First I observed some kids' "swimming" lessons. Then I went to the small area which has hot tubs and a cold pool. There were some cute little girls standing at the end of it hesitating if they should go in or not so I decided to go as well so I get to stand next to them for a while. They were having a lot of fun. On my way back to the showers I saw the Frozen girl in one of the groups I had observed earlier.

Back at the men's area when I was showering I observed this cute little girl who was really small and wearing some kind of swimming diaper. She was constantly bossing around her dad. I went to sit in the cooler sauna because that usually has kids in it, but not this time. After I had sat there for a while the bossy girl and her dad came in... and left right away. Through the glass door I saw them go to the hotter sauna so I went as well. The girl quickly decided that she didn't like it either and threw a mini tantrum to get her dad to leave it with her. After the sauna and washing myself I saw the girl standing there naked and pointing at this boy who had swimming trunks on. She told her father that the boy had undies on. Their lockers weren't very close to mine but when I was getting dressed I saw her a couple of times eating a banana and running.