Today after work me and couple of work mates went to eat at this buffet place. When walking there with one of the work mates we passed these two really hot girls that were around 7 or 8. They were extremely pretty, I wish I could have been alone...

When eating I observed this little girl who was around 5, she had really nice and round little butt. She was white with dark Brown hair and didn't speak Finnish with her mom. My guess is that they were Eastern European. Her face was really happy looking, and why wouldn't it be when she gets to eat as much ice cream as she wants.

Then when leaving the buffet place I saw three more cute girls in the elevator. These girls were also very pretty and they were shopping together. Following them would probably have set off some alarms in my work mates so I didn't. And on my way out of the mall I saw the butt girl again, she was hanging on this bar in the children's play area.