The girls in today's entry are a bit older, I hope you can forgive that to me.


;       ;  @     me
;       ;  1234  girls
+--  ---+  o     old lady
|o#  #12|  #     empty seats
|       |  |     window
|       |  -     back of seat
|@#  #34|  ;     door
+--  ---+

Today when traveling in the train I was sitting across some young teen girls in the train. These girls were around 13 year old ±1. They had Victoria's Secret bags with them which they kind of tried to hide at first.

The girls started talking about the panties they had bought from Victoria's Secret and about how they would tell their parents about it. They tried to come up with some reasons they could give to their moms for why they need these panties.

Every now and then the girls either individually or couple at once looked at me. Some looked quite embarrassed and some a bit flirtatious when they did it, I just smiled back to them.

After they made two of them checked out what they bought, while making sure to cover it from anyone who walks by they all looked at me and giggled a bit. I bursted laughing and so did they. It's quite funny how embarrassed they were and how interested they were in my reactions.

Most of the girls weren't that good looking to me but there was one, number 1 in the masterful illustration, that was a lot younger looking than the others. She was blonde and had braces and her face was overall much younger looking. She was also the most shy of all the girls.

Whole time this old woman was sitting across me which is why I didn't dare to talk to the girls. When I left the train the girls looked at me the whole time and when outside (door on their side) I saw the two facing it looking at me through the window.