At the store today when I was getting some food for myself I stood in the line behind two cute little girls and what I believe was their grandma. The cuties were looking at this adults' birthday card and laughing. In the card was a cartoon depiction of an oldish man pinching an "attractive" woman's butt.

The grandma saw me observing the little cuties' activities and she said to me:

It's very interesting.

To which I replied roughly:

It is.

The girls were talking something in Swedish, which I couldn't hear very well and wouldn't probably have understood anyways.

Then older of the girls asks me (in Finnish):

Do you speak Swedish?

I reply:

Not very well.


It's good that Theresa knows a bit of Finnish already.

Me to the little girl:

I moved here from Oulu and you don't really hear Swedish there.

Then the girl asked my name, I it to her and then she told me that her name is Theresa (which I had already guessed anyways), that her sister's name is Victoria and that the grandma's name is Eeva.

At this point we were all already past the cash register and went separate ways. Getting to talk to little girls makes me feel really happy.

Quoted parts are rough translations from Finnish.