Today when eating at a pizzeria with my dad in the table behind him sat a family with three little girls. There were twins who looked like they were around 5 years old and their older sister who looked around 8 years old.

When my dad went to the WC I had completely unobstructed view to one of the younger girls. The other two were facing the other direction. The girl waved at me and I waved back. We smiled at each other and she asked my name and I answered. Then her parents told her to not bother me. Her sisters also turned around to look at me.

After the girls were done eating they started drawing and the other two others girls also waved at me when I looked at them. I smiled at them and tried to wave back without my dad noticing. I don't know if they saw my attempt, but at least they saw my smile and smiled back.

All of the girls were really cute.