It was a warm summer day, I was reading the Illuminatus trilogy in the park. I read the book at this very nice wooden table for a few hours. There are a lot of different plants around that spot and it's nicely shaded by trees. You can also hear a nice little stream. Even though the spot is really nice I eventually got tired of sitting there and decided to find an another.

The spot I chose was this nice bench next to the park's playground. Behind me was a slide, some ground level carousel thing, and a sandbox. On my left there were the swings and this nice big jungle gym. Directly in front of me was a different kind of carousel where parents can spin their children. This carousel has three seats at the end of a chain and two handles at the top which adults can hang from. Then at slightly on my right there was this set of instruments that people can play crappy music with.

There I sit reading my book, every so often I look up and see different families spinning in the carousel. Personally I feel like the playground things where parents can also participate are the best. The weather is great, only a bit of sunny clouds.

At one point when I look up there is just one little girl at this carousel. She is trying to get spin herself on the carousel but since she is so small she can't get it to go fast enough. She keeps running and jumping on it but it's not working.

I look at her for a few minutes and feel bad for her since no one is there to spin her. She is wearing a light blue summer dress and light blue leggings under it. She has quite short brunette hair and I find her really attractive.

I get this great idea to go spin her. I put the book down and get up. I feel so unreal, it's like a dream. I start walking towards me and my mind is screaming "STOP, TURN BACK!", but I can't do that. When I'm only few meters away she notices me.

I ask her (rough translation from Finnish):

Hello, would you like me to spin you?

I'm surprised by the confidence of my voice, especially because of how unconfident I was just moments before.

She answers:


Her voice is so amazingly clear and sweet. My guess for her age is around 5. She jumps on the carousel and I start spinning her. She laughs and smiles beautifully when I spin her. After some time of spinning her I say goodbye and go back to sit on my bench. My timing was nearly perfect since only around a minute after I left her parents arrive and they leave the park.

I think this was the best day of my life so far. I'm so glad I could find out the correct date for it so I can have it recorded in this blog.