Today when coming home from work I stopped at the big store with my dad. Every time I go to the store I hope that I'll see little girls there. After entering the store and walking around a bit I was really disappoint because the store was nearly empty and there were no cute little girls there, mostly adults and seniors. But right when I was finishing up my plans of mourning to my IRC friends about what a waste the store trip was I saw a cutie with a little cart walking around with her mom.

She was around 5 or 6 and had shortish blond hair and mostly pink winter clothes on. I really like her jacket, it was a bit like trench-coat, except it was a proper winter jacket and had flowers and some fake fur at the bottom. Our path through the store to get all of the stuff was really weird so I ended up seeing this cute girl multiple times.

I also went and bought a bar of chocolate, or that's what I said to my dad I was going to do. The real intention I had however was to go and look at this girl a bit more because I she was really cute and smiling. After getting my chocolate and going through the self-checkout I waited for my dad on the other side of the cash registers. He chose the register that the little girl and her mom were at as well so I got to look at her for around 5 more minutes. I had the chocolate bar in my hand and I really wanted to give it to her but I was too scared because her mom and my dad were there as well.